Zane Minifigures, Ninjago Series

Zane is a white Ninja of Ice minifigure from the Ninjago theme. He is a robot, or a "Nindroid" as Jay dubbed him, built to protect those who cannot protect themselves, as stated by his father, Dr. Julien. Zane appears in six variations; as a normal ninja, as a DX (Dragon Xtreme) Ninja, as a Microfigure, a ZX (Zen Xtreme) ninja, a Kendo ninja and a NRG (Energy) ninja. To buy a Zane Minifigure check the listings below. For detailed information on the Zane Minifigure CLICK HERE to go to Brickipedia.

NEW Lego Minifig WEAPON Ninjago Fang Blade Black Knife Yellow Gem Ninja Kai Zane
Time Remaining: 1h 52m

LEGO Ninjago Zane ZX w sword Minifigure Only 9440 9449 9445 9554
Time Remaining: 4h 4m

LEGO Ninjago Zane ZX w gold shuriken Minifigure Only 9449 9440 9445 9554
Time Remaining: 4h 18m

LEGO Ninjago Mini Figure Ninja Zane DX Dragon Suit
Time Remaining: 7h 36m

NEW Lego Ninjago Ninja WHITE HEAD WRAP ZX Zane Minifig Headwrap Hood Hat Gear
Time Remaining: 8h 22m

NEW LEGO Lot of 2 Golden Sai Weapon Minifigure Zane ZX Ninjago TMNT Ninja
Time Remaining: 11h 27m

5 Lego Ninjago Golden Ninja Lloyd Kai Jay Zane Cole w Weapon ZX Minifig Lot NEW
Time Remaining: 13h 18m

9449 LEGO Ninjago ZANE ZX with armor and weapon minifigure new
Time Remaining: 14h 5m

NEW LEGO Ninjago White Ninja Zane ZX Headwrap Minifigure Hood Hat Ice Gold Star
Time Remaining: 14h 18m

NINJA GOLDEN GLIDER lego 30080 ninjago ZANE promo lego minifig
Time Remaining: 15h 1m

LEGO NINJAGO 70504 Zane MiniFigures Lego 70504 NEW
Time Remaining: 17h 53m

19 inches BIG Huge LEGO Ninjago Zane Store Display RARE Original Minifig white
Time Remaining: 20h 38m

LEGO white ninja Ninjago Zane ZX Minifigure with Armor weapons new
Time Remaining: 1d 50m

Time Remaining: 1d 3h 6m

LEGO NINJAGO 9449 ZANE ZX White Gold minifigure +Weapons X3 see photo
Time Remaining: 1d 5h 22m

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